It can get crazy…but we just need to be sober minded about things…

Mark Maish


I’m seated on a wooden bench under a makuti shed located at a vantage point deep in the heart of a national reserve watching a herd of elephants grazing peaceful below, oblivious of the chaotic world out there. A fortnight ago I handed in my final year project which marked the end of a 5-year pursuit for my Undergrads. Faced with the biggest dilemma of my life, I traveled down to this remote camping site in south coast to strategize on my next step. The decision I’m about to make is to either take the job offered or turn it down and instead follow my passion which is unconventional.

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we must not allow ourselves to become like the system we oppose…

With existing laws as captured in the Constitution and other regional and international provisions and instruments, Human Rights have become a requirement in our daily life.

The purpose of recognizing and protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms is to preserve the dignity of individuals and communities and to promote social justice and the realization of the potential of all human beings.

 It is thus safe to say that according Human rights is detrimental within any given society since it is something we cannot live without. However history will tell us that this is not entirely true. We have had several cases in different parts of the world; from the top dogs, that is, the Westerners, the likes of the Europeans, Asians all having their rights disrespected. Coming closer home, Africa has been the most notorious for hosting such injustices. Key focus to Kenya one need not ask too far just a mere interview on the street will let you know that a problem already exists in line with giving basic human rights. Special Interest groups, who include; Women, Youth and Children, PWDs & Elderly, not living out the Marginalized and minority are the major victims.

A recent case was reported that Somali women and children fleeing their homes in Nairobi’s predominantly Somali suburb of Eastleigh on November 20, 2012, two days after an attack on a bus by unknown perpetrators caused Kenyan gangs to riot and attack Somali refugees and Somali Kenyans. The police ended the riots but then unleashed ten weeks of torture and other abuses in Eastleigh against at least one thousand refugees, asylum seekers and Somali Kenyans.


If the very own system that is meant to protect us from human rights abuse is the perpetrator of the injustice! Then there is a very big problem to address.

I would wish to align with the thoughts of Desmond Tutu that. “… We cannot afford to use methods of which we will be ashamed when we look back, when we say,‘…we shouldn’t have done that’. We must remember that we have been given a wonderful cause. The cause of freedom! And we must be those who will walk with heads held high. We will say, ‘We used methods that can stand the harsh scrutiny of history…”

Relecting me…to reflect you…


“…i heard once that they would rather hear about memories than enemies , rather hear what was or what will be than what is, rather hear how you got it over how much it cost you rather hear about finding yourself and how you lost you ,rather you make this an open letter about family and struggle and taking forever about hearts that you’ve broken and ties that you’ve severed no doubt in my mind that will make them feel better…” DRAKE

i like how words come together to form the perfect synchrony of our thought system…if you weren’t thinking it …after reading some form of poetic justice, of some form, your mind gives it some thought….like it ought…

Likewise ,the aspect of life came into play,…as a new year dawns in most guys have or are about to begin reflecting about their current life or have just decided to go with the flow…again aspect life comes of life into play…but you see it ain’t a game…sometimes I begin to trade thoughts for dreams, hopes for future times…coz for me, i feel like my life has just began…this the time am living or rather seeing why its worth living…coz you see, before i never paid it much thought until it was put right infront of me…n just like the above words were words until they were arranged, in a certain way for me to take notice…so is my life now and i take notice to rearrange it…

Av lost but gained a lot through my losses…And i hope i to gain happiness before its lost…N I hope reflecting me …reflects you

Describing the ‘You’ article


My short self description of my own personality is: it is in my nature to love, to live, to learn, to grow, to help others, to heal, to teach, to explore, to be fascinated with the unknown, to seek compassion for justice, to love good food, to travel, to see the greatness in everyone, to find beauty in anything, to be intense and passionate with life itself.

* I am loved because I love. I am greatness no better or worse then any one else. I am brilliant with divine genius within me. I stand with integrity, and I have good ethics.

* I am peaceful, understanding, trusting, and comforting. I have a good sense of humor, I am a tripper tripping out on weirdness weirder then the weirdest weirdness that is weird – I am deep.

* I love variety, I am passionate, growth oriented, I love to create and manifest,

* I am a participating student of practicing unconditional love, a man on a mission defining his path.

This online self description caught my eye recently and i began to wonder, do people really know who we are? and do we reflect the qualities we think we posses or so highly describe ourselves as?

Or is it just merely a statement of You only know part of me…Coz I am a universe full of secrets…”
Perhaps a challenge to self and others….understand you ,for you to be understood